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In the wake of the Somalia 2011 famine in which over 200,000 people died and hundreds of thousands displaced a group of young Somali graduates who pursued they studies in Kenya came together to discuss on ways to support and assist those severely affected by the famine by seeking contribution and support from the Diaspora communities.
Three years later in 2014 Danwadaag Relief Alliance (DRA) was born with an aim of providing humanitarian assistance, saving lives, alleviate suffering and restoring dignity to the Somali people. Danwadaag Relief Alliance is a non-partisan non-governmental organization operating in South Central Somalia.


A world where every human being has access to basic human needs and resources

Mission statement

To alleviate human suffering in emergency and disaster situations by providing relief assistance to the most vulnerable groups in the south and central parts of Somalia in order to improve their well-being

Organization values

DRA has strong set of values that are aligned to its humanitarian mission. Core values upheld by the organization includes: –

Organization structures

DRA is governed by a board of directors of six members who function as the highest decision making body of the organization. Headed by Board chairperson, the board of directors meets twice yearly to assess organizational progress, revisit its programming priorities and make plans for the following year. <br> Day to day organizational affairs is managed and lead by a dedicated management team headed by an Executive director with substantial expertise and knowledge in the field of humanitarian relief, emergency and development. Other members of the management team include a Program Officer, Finance manager and Other Project Leads in the different sectors within the organization. The following table presents current DRA board members:

Find a List of our current DRA board members below:

Saynab Ali gurey

Board Chair Lady

You can participate in this noble duty to help alleviate famine in somalia

Organizational Objectives:

The objectives of organization are mainly focused on the upgrading living conditions of vulnerable groups such as IDPs, women and children, the elderly and the youth using human rights based approach. The objectives are as follows:

  • To educate and motivate the community on key social issues, e.g.health and nutrition issues, drug abuse, and cessation of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practices;
  • To support needy and underserved Somali communities in
    targeted areas;
  • To raise community awareness on participatory sustainable peace and development approaches and respect for human rights;

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